Fluke 113 True-RMS Utility Multimeter

The Fluke 113 True-RMS Utility Multimeter is a reliable and versatile electrical testing and troubleshooting tool. It offers accurate AC/DC voltage measurements up to 600V, resistance up to 60 kiloohms, and capacitance up to 9,999 microfarads. The Fluke 113 suits various residential and industrial applications with its advanced features and user-friendly design.

Fluke 113 True RMS Multimeter Description

The Fluke 113 True-RMS Utility Multimeter is a digital multimeter that combines convenience and accuracy. Its True-RMS technology ensures precise measurements, even in distorted waveforms. This makes it ideal for both linear and nonlinear loads, providing accurate readings in various electrical environments.

The multimeter features a diode check function for testing general-purpose germanium, silicon, and power diodes. It also includes a continuity beeper, which provides audible detection of resistance. The beeper turns on at less than 25 ohms and turns off at 250 ohms, making it easy to identify connectivity issues. With its voltage and continuity testing capabilities, the Fluke 113 allows users to quickly and efficiently verify circuit conditions. It provides reliable results, ensuring accurate troubleshooting and diagnosis.

The Fluke 113 offers resistance measurements up to 60 kiloohms, making it helpful in checking resistors, switches, and other components. Additionally, it can measure capacitance up to 9,999 microfarads, enabling users to assess the capacitance of capacitors in various circuits.

Fluke 113 True-RMS Utility Multimeter

Key Features:

  • True-RMS technology for accurate measurements in linear and nonlinear loads
  • Diode check function for testing general-purpose diodes
  • Continuity beeper for easy resistance detection
  • Voltage and continuity testing capabilities
  • Resistance measurements up to 60 kiloohms
  • Capacitance measurements up to 9,999 microfarads
  • Compact and user-friendly design for easy operation
  • Backlit digital display for clear visibility in all lighting conditions
  • Max/Min function to record signal fluctuations
  • Hold function to freeze measurements on the display



  • Accurate measurements with True-RMS technology
  • Convenient diode check and continuity beeper functions
  • Versatile voltage and continuity testing capabilities
  • Wide resistance and capacitance measurement ranges
  • User-friendly interface with a backlit digital display
  • Compact and portable design for easy handling
  • Max/Min function for monitoring signal fluctuations
  • Hold function to freeze measurements for analysis


  • Limited capacitance measurement range for specialized applications
  • Does not measure current (requires a separate current measurement tool)


Can the Fluke 113 measure current?

No, the Fluke 113 is primarily designed for voltage, resistance, and capacitance measurements. For current measurements, a separate tool capable of measuring current is required.

Is the Fluke 113 suitable for automotive applications?

The Fluke 113 can handle basic electrical measurements in automotive applications. However, dedicated automotive multimeters may offer additional features and functionalities for specialized diagnostics.

Does the Fluke 113 come with a warranty?

Yes, Fluke offers a limited lifetime warranty for the Fluke 113 True-RMS Utility Multimeter, providing assurance and support to customers.

Is the Fluke 113 suitable for HVAC troubleshooting?

While the Fluke 113 can be used for basic voltage and continuity testing in HVAC troubleshooting, specialized HVAC multimeters may offer more comprehensive features and measurements for HVAC systems.


In conclusion, the Fluke 113 True-RMS Utility Multimeter is a reliable and versatile tool that offers accurate measurements for various electrical testing and troubleshooting tasks. Its True-RMS technology, diode check function, continuity beeper, and comprehensive measurement ranges provide users with the necessary capabilities to diagnose electrical issues effectively. Although it may not cover all specialized applications and current measurements, the Fluke 113 is valuable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

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