FLUKE 87V VS 88V Comparison and Review

Are you looking for the best digital multimeter for your requirements? Choosing the best in such a vast and diverse field cannot be easy. When deciding which popular multimeters best meet the needs of your projects, comparing Fluke’s 87v and 88v models is an excellent place to start. More than just cosmetic differences, both have advantages that may make them better or worse options depending on the type of tests you want to run and whether portability is essential to you. This blog post will explore the details of each model and compare some key aspects side by side to give potential consumers an informed view of their options! From accuracy specifications to size and weight measurements, display components, pre-programmed functions, and more, let’s dive in and see the difference between Fluke 87v VS 88v.

Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter

What’s in the box:

  • Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter
  • TL75 Test Leads (TL175 Eur)
  • AC175 Alligator Clips
  • Holster with tilt-leg, test lead storage
Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter
Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter

What’s in the box:

  • Fluke 88V digital multimeter
  • High-impact holster
  • Test leads
  • Quick Reference Guide

Comparison Table FLUKE 87V VS 88V



Fluke 88V

Power Source

Battery Powered

Battery Powered



Item Weight

624 g

Backlit display



Limited lifetime

Difference Between Fluke 87v VS 88V:

The main difference between the FLUKE 87V and 88V multimeters is that the 88V does not offer True-RMS AC capability. As a result, it is slightly less accurate when measuring voltage, current, and resistance. The 88V has an RPM mode and defaults to DC on the current ranges.

True-RMS AC Capability:

The FLUKE 87V multimeter offers True-RMS AC capability, while the 88V does not.

Accuracy in Measurements:

The 88V is slightly less accurate when measuring voltage, current, and resistance than the 87V.

RPM Mode:

The 88V has an RPM mode that the 87V does not have.

Default Settings for Current Ranges:

 The 88v defaults to DC on current ranges, while the 87v does not have this feature.


The FLUKE 87v multimeter is designed to withstand drops up to 4 meters (13 feet), making it more durable than the 88v.

Ease of Use:

The 88V has a more user-friendly design and is easier to use than the 87V.

Data Logging:

The 87V offers data logging capabilities, while the 88V does not have this feature.

Auto/Manual Ranging:

The FLUKE 87v multimeter allows for either auto or manual ranging, while the 88V only supports manual ranging.

Backlight Display:

The 88v offers a backlight display which makes it easier to see readings in low-light conditions, while the 87v does not have this capability.

Temperature Measurement:

Both meters measure temperature, but 87v provides more accurate readings than 88v.

The FLUKE 87V multimeter is an excellent choice for an advanced, reliable meter that can handle extreme conditions. It can work with True-RMS AC and log data, making it suitable for industrial and professional use. The 88V meter is excellent for automotive purposes but falls short in terms of accuracy and features when compared to the 87V multimeter. Both models are excellent choices for anyone looking for a durable multimeter with reliable readings.

Fluke 87V MAX True RMS Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 87V MAX True RMS Digital Multimeter is the perfect multimeter for professionals who need to take accurate measurements in any environment. Its rugged design and built-in features make it an excellent choice for troubleshooting and maintenance tasks on industrial equipment or electronic components. The 87V MAX features an IP67 waterproof and dustproof case so that you can use it in extreme environments without worry. The double battery life and significant display digits make this digital multimeter easy to read, even in dark areas. At the same time, its built-in thermometer allows you to quickly take temperature readings without needing a separate instrument. And if that wasn’t enough, the 87V MAX is drop-tested up to 4 meters (13 feet), making it one of the most challenging digital multimeters out there! With all these features, the Fluke 87V MAX is designed to help you do the right job.

Features of Fluke 87V MAX True RMS Digital Multimeter:

Rugged Design:

The 87V MAX multimeter is protected with an industrial-strength casing and holster, and it can withstand drops from up to 4 meters (13 feet).


An IP67 case allows you to use the multimeter in dusty and wet environments without worry.

Easy to Use:

The large display digits make readings easy to read, even in dark conditions, while backlit keys make using the device a breeze.

Long Battery Life:

Double that of the 87V (up to 800 hours) means less time wasted replacing batteries on the job site.

Built-in Thermometer:

Take temperature readings conveniently without having to carry a separate instrument.

Test Leads:

The test leads are magnetized, so you can always have them ready to use without worrying about them slipping away while working.


Automatically select the proper range for measuring voltage, current, and resistance.

Peak Hold Mode:

Takes readings of values that change quickly and accurately at a high resolution with just a few keystrokes.

Min/Max/Average Recording Capabilities:

Track AC or DC signal changes over time, allowing you to view data trends quickly and easily.

Low-Pass Filter Mode:

Use this mode when working with noisy signals that may be causing inaccurate readings on your multimeter. This mode helps isolate the underlying signal from any interference.

These features make the Fluke 87V MAX True RMS Digital Multimeter the perfect tool for electrical testing and diagnostics. Whether you are an experienced electrician or a first-time user, you can be sure that this multimeter will provide all the accuracy and reliability you need to get the job done right. With its rugged design, waterproof case, easy-to-use interface, and long battery life, it is a must-have tool for anyone looking to do reliable electrical tests. Get yours today!

  • More durable, with a case and holster made for industrial use that can withstand drops of up to 4 meters (13 feet).
  • Waterproof, dustproof IP67 case for the most extreme work sites.
  • Double battery life of the 87V (up to 800 hours).
  • Heavy and bulky for small projects.
  • Expensive compared to other multimeters.

FAQS ABOUT Fluke 87V Multimeter:

What are the Main Features Of The Fluke 87V MAX?

The Fluke 87V MAX is a True RMS digital multimeter with many features for professional electricians and technicians. True-RMS measurements, a digital display with backlight, voltage and frequency measurement, min/max recording, data hold functions, temperature measuring capability (with an optional thermocouple), low input impedance to prevent false readings from ghost voltage, and more are among its advanced features. The device also has built-in test lead holders to keep your leads secure while you work.

What is the Operating Temperature Range Of the Fluke 87V MAX?

The operating temperature range of the Fluke 87V MAX is -10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F). However, the device should not be stored in temperatures lower than -40°C as this may cause damage to the meter.

Does the Fluke 87V MAX have a backlight?

Yes, it does. The Fluke 87V MAX has a bright LCD and a backlight for easy operation in low-light conditions.

Can I Use Test Leads Other than the Ones That Come With The Fluke 87V MAX?

Yes, you can use test leads from other manufacturers. However, the Fluke 87V MAX is specifically designed to work best with Fluke-manufactured test leads.

Can I measure AC and DC voltage with the Fluke 87V MAX?

Yes, you can. The Fluke 87V MAX is equipped to measure both AC and DC voltage. It also has a frequency measurement capability for measuring up to 10 kHz AC signals.

Does the Fluke 87V MAX have a low input impedance feature?

Yes, it does. The LoZ (low input impedance) feature on the Fluke 87V MAX helps keep ghost voltages from giving false readings when testing low-impedance circuits.

Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter

The Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter is perfect for auto mechanics who need accurate measurements and consistent results. This meter has a 10-megohm input impedance that won’t affect computer circuits. It also has a large display with a bright backlight to make it easier to see. The Fluke 88V is the most influential automotive multimeter Fluke has ever made. It has measurement functions, troubleshooting features, and the level of accuracy needed to fix problems on both traditional and hybrid vehicles. The Fluke 88V can measure voltage, current, continuity, resistance, pulse width, duty cycle, and minimum, maximum, and average values. It can also test diodes. Its rugged design ensures dependable performance in even extreme environments. The Fluke 88V is an essential tool for any garage, whether you are a professional mechanic or just like to do things yourself.

Features of Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter

Temperature Measurement:

The 88V can measure temperature with an optional temperature probe from -50 to 400°C, featuring a backlit digital display for easy visibility in low-light conditions.

Analog Bar Graph:

This multimeter has an analog bar graph, allowing you to track changing or unstable signals easily.

Min/Max/Average Recording:

With min/max recording, the 88V can capture variations in measurements quickly and accurately over time.

Min/Max Alert:

Automatically captures changes in measured values with its Min/Max alarm feature, which alerts users when significant changes occur.

Peak Min/Max:

To record transients as fast as 250 μs, the 88V features peak Min/Max, which records and displays measurement fluctuations.

Digital LCD Display:

The digital LCD provides an easy-to-read backlit screen for working precisely in low-light conditions.

Auto Range & Manual Range:

This multimeter has auto range and manual range settings, allowing users to select the most suitable measurement range for their specific application needs.

Auto-ranging Capability:

The auto-ranging capability allows the user to quickly switch between different voltage ranges without re-entering them manually each time.

Overload Protection:

To prevent damage from overloading or incorrect measurements, the Fluke 88V includes fuse protection and reverse polarity protection.

Durable Design:

The 88V is designed to withstand tough job site conditions, featuring a dust-resistant case and an extended battery life. It is perfect for the professional automotive technician or experienced DIYer.

Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter is one of the most powerful multimeters available. With its temperature measurement, analog bar graph, min/max recording, Min/Max alert, and peak Min/Max capabilities, this meter has all the functions needed to troubleshoot vehicle problems quickly and accurately.

  • Comprehensive features for accurate troubleshooting of conventional and hybrid vehicles.
  • Temperature measurement with optional temperature probe from -50 to 400°C.
  • The analog bar graph tracks changing or unstable signals.
  • Min/Max/Average recording with Min/Max Alert to capture variations automatically.
  • Somewhat expensive compared to other multimeters in its class.
  • The design may be bulky or heavy for some users.

FAQS About Fluke 88V Multimeter:

What model of the temperature probe is compatible with the 88V?

The Fluke TP220 is compatible with this multimeter.

Does the 88V feature an auto-ranging capability?

Yes, it has an auto-range setting that allows you to quickly switch between different voltage ranges without manually re-enting them each time.

What type of overload protection does this multimeter offer?

The Fluke 88V offers fuse and reverse polarity protection for added safety when taking measurements.

How accurate are the readings on this meter?

This multimeter provides accurate readings with up to 0.1% accuracy for DCV measurements.

Is the Fluke 88V suitable for DIYers?

It is an excellent option for both professional automotive technicians and experienced DIYers, as it is durable and easy to use.

How long does the battery last on this meter?

The battery life of the Fluke 88V can last up to 40 hours with regular usage.


Finally, the Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter is ideal for automotive professionals looking for a reliable, accurate, and user-friendly multimeter. Its comprehensive feature set, user-friendly design, and tough construction make troubleshooting and diagnostics more accessible than ever before. Fluke’s track record of providing high-quality goods with consistent performance backs it up. The 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter will be invaluable in any shop or garage.

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