Fluke 787 VS 787B ProcessMeter™ Digital Multimeter

Are you a professional working in the HVAC industry and tired of constantly dealing with outdated tools? Look no further than the Fluke 787 ProcessMeter. This innovative tool combines all-in-one troubleshooting capabilities, reliable measurements, and user-friendly usability to make your job easier and for those looking for an even more enhanced experience, consider its sibling – the Fluke 787B ProcessMeter – a full-featured digital multimeter that offers extraordinary performance services at an unbeatable price point. In this article, we will review both products side by side, highlighting their similarities, differences and overall ratings from users to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of which model best fits their needs.

What’s in the box:

  • Fluke 787 ProcessMeter Digital Multimeter
  • (1 pair) TL75 Safety-Designed Test Lead Set
  • (1 pair) AC70A Alligator Clips
  • C81Y Protective Yellow Holster with Flex-Stand™
  • Installed 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Quick reference guide

What’s in the box:

  • Fluke 787B ProcessMeter
  • (1 pair) TL71 Premium test leads
  • (1 set) AC72 Alligator clips
  • (4)AA alkaline batteries (installed)
  • Quick reference guide
  • 3-year warranty

Comparison Table Fluke 787 VS 787B:


Fluke 787

Fluke 787B



True RMS



Four AA alkaline


600 g


3 years

Difference Between Fluke 787 VS 787B:


The Fluke 787 has a much lighter weight of 369g compared to the 600g weight of the Fluke 787B.


The Fluke 787 requires only one 9V Alkaline battery (ANSI/NEDA 1604A or IEC 6LR61), whereas the Fluke 787B requires four AA alkaline batteries.

Battery Life:

The Fluke 787 has a typical measurement battery life of 50 hours and a sourcing battery life of 12 mA. The Fluke 787B, in contrast, has a longer typical measurement battery life of 140 hours and a sourcing battery life of 10 hours.


Both the Fluke 787 and the Fluke 787B have a warranty period of three years.

Storage and Operating Temperature Range:

The Fluke 787 has a storage temperature range of -40 °C to 60 °C and an operating temperature range of -20 °C to 55 °C. The Fluke 787B has the same storage and operating temperature ranges.

Temperature Coefficient:

Both the Fluke 787 and the Fluke 787B have a temperature coefficient of 0.05 x (specified accuracy) per °C (for temperatures <18°C or >28°C).

Relative Humidity:

For both meters, there is 95% Relative Humidity up to 30°C, 75% up to 40°C, 45% up to 50°C and 35% up to 55°C.

Fluke 787 ProcessMeter Digital Multimeter:

Fluke 787 ProcessMeter combines a DMM and loop calibrator in one rugged, handheld tool. It is designed to meet IEC 1010 CAT III 1000-volt safety standards for electrical installations. Equipped with a clear LCD display with a backlight, it provides a resolution of 4,000 counts (30,000 counts for DC current) for maximum accuracy.

Fluke 787 digital multimeter also offers frequency measurements to 20 kHz and externally accessible battery access for easy changes. For added protection from overloads and short circuits, the meter has 1000 V overload protection on volts, ohms and frequency; and 150 V overload protection on milliamps backed up by a 440mA 1000V fuse. Finally, the manual step feature allows you to take 25% of steps in the current range mode.

Features of Fluke 787:


The Fluke 787 ProcessMeter combines a digital multimeter and loop calibrator in one tool. It offers a wide range of features to simplify your job, whether you are troubleshooting, calibrating or performing maintenance tasks.


The large clear LCD with backlight allows for easy reading of measurements in any lighting environment. Additionally, it has 4,000 counts (30,000 counts for DC current) for accurate readings.

Battery Accessibility:

An externally accessible battery makes it easy to change batteries when needed so you can keep up with your work without having to stop and change the battery in the middle of a task.

Overload Protection:

It has 1000 V overload protection on V, ohms, and frequency, as well as 150 V overload protection on mA, which is backed up by a 440 mA 1000V fuse for added safety and peace of mind.


Your unit is calibrated before shipment with a new NIST-traceable calibration Certificate with data assuring that your measurements are accurate.

Step/Ramp Output Mode:

It features 25% Manual Step plus Auto Step and Auto Ramp on mA output, making it easy to test and calibrate various devices quickly and efficiently.


An IP40-rated soft case provides additional protection against dust and debris in environments where extra durability is needed.


It comes with various interchangeable test leads and accessories to make it easier to work in tight spaces or conduct tests requiring special probes.

Battery Life:

Runs for approximately 50 hours (measurement) and 12 hours (sourcing 12 mA) on a single 9-volt alkaline battery for convenient operation without the need for frequent charging or battery changes.


It comes with a 3-year warranty for added peace of mind that your investment is protected if anything goes wrong.

  • Accurate readings are provided even in areas with high electrical noise.
  • Externally accessible battery for easy battery changes.
  • Clear LCD with backlight; 4,000 counts (30,000 for DC current).
  • Clear LCD with backlight; 4,000 counts (30,000 for DC current).

FAQS ABOUT Fluke 787:

What is a Process meter?

A process meter is a high-precision instrument designed to measure, display, alarm, and control a range of process variables. The Fluke 787 ProcessMeter Digital Multimeter is an excellent example of a modern process meter. It offers direct 4-20 mA current input measurements, 0-10 V analog inputs for volts/mV measurements, advanced math functions, and a built-in thermometer.

What are the benefits of using the Fluke 787 ProcessMeter?

The Fluke 787 is designed to make your job easier with its advanced features and easy operation. This multimeter can be used easily on both AC/DC voltages and currents up to 1000V/10A; it also has a high-resolution display with 50000 counts and an auto-ranging feature to help you accurately measure accurately. Additionally, the user-friendly interface allows for quick navigation of its extensive functions, while the built-in thermometer makes it ideal for temperature measurements in HVAC/R applications. Furthermore, it offers excellent data logging capabilities. It can be used with optional accessories such as the Fluke iFlex flexible current probe for increased accuracy and safety when dealing with large currents.

What are the safety features built into the Fluke 787 ProcessMeter?

The Fluke 787 has been designed with safety in mind and includes several features to protect you and your multimeter. These features include CAT III 1000V/CAT IV 600V overvoltage protection, an audible warning for low-voltage conditions, magnetic hanger capabilities, reinforced insulation between input terminals, a bright backlight for easy operation in dark environments and a double insulated case. Additionally, its optional accessories can provide added safety when measuring large currents.

What is the warranty policy of the Fluke 787 ProcessMeter?

The Fluke 787 comes with a three years limited warranty, which covers any defects in materials and workmanship. During the warranty period, Fluke will repair or replace any defective parts at no cost to the customer.

Fluke 787B ProcessMeter

Fluke 787B ProcessMeter is a powerful, easy-to-use digital multimeter and mA loop calibrator solution. It enables you to measure/source/simulate loop currents while powering the loop. You can also take advantage of manual and automatic ramps-up-ramp-down functions and an easy-to-read backlit display. It comes with a 20 mA DC current source/loop calibrator/simulator designed to meet 1000-volt IEC 1010 Cat III safety requirements.

The 787B ProcessMeter has a precision 1000 V, 440 mA True-RMS digital multimeter for more accurate results. It’s 100% larger dual display makes your readings even easier to read than with the 787 ProcessMeter. You can also benefit from a simultaneous mA and % of scale readout and frequency measurement to 20 kHz. It has additional features such as a diode test and continuity beep for added convenience. Get the Fluke 787B ProcessMeter today for reliable, accurate measurements every time.

Features OF Fluke 787B ProcessMeter:


The Fluke 787B ProcessMeter is designed to meet the highest safety standards, rated up to 1000 V IEC 61010 CAT III and 600 V CAT IV. This allows for safe use in a variety of high-voltage applications.


The 787B provides precision measurement capabilities with its true-RMS digital multimeter and 20 mA DC current source/measure/simulate features. With simultaneous mA and % of scale readouts, users can measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency, diode test and continuity beeper accurately and quickly.


The 787B is compatible with the Fluke Connect system, allowing users to log data with the IR3000FC module wirelessly*. This enhances your testing capabilities by providing real-time analysis and diagnostics.

User Friendly:

The 787 offers an easy-to-use interface with its clear, backlit LCD display and intuitive menus. It also features min/max/average/hold and relative modes for quicker measurements.


The 787B is a multi-functional tool that is capable of measuring current, voltage, resistance, frequency, diode tests and continuity beepers. This makes it ideal for a variety of troubleshooting tasks in the field or laboratory.


The Fluke 787B ProcessMeter is built to withstand tough conditions due to its rugged design and durable construction materials. It also features an externally accessible battery for easy changes on the go.

Data Storage:

The Fluke Connect system allows users to log data using the IR3000FC module wirelessly*. This provides onsite analysis of test results, as well as remote storage of data for future reference.


The 787B ProcessMeter can measure up to 1000 volts and 440 mA of current with a frequency measurement range of up to 20 kHz. Its precision true-RMS digital multimeter enables accurate readings in any environment.

  • It has an intuitive user interface allowing users to access the needed data quickly.
  • Its large display makes it easy to read, even in dimly lit environments.
  • The meter can be connected to other devices for remote monitoring and control.
  • The device is relatively expensive compared to similar models from other companies.

FAQS About Fluke 787B:

How long is the battery life of the Fluke 787B ProcessMeter?

The typical battery life of the Fluke 787B ProcessMeter is 140 hours when measuring and 10 hours when sourcing 12 mA.

What kind of warranty comes with the Fluke 787B ProcessMeter?

The Fluke 787B ProcessMeter comes with a three-year warranty.

What is the maximum voltage applied between any jack and earth ground?

The maximum voltage applied between any jack and earth ground with the Fluke 787B ProcessMeter is 1000 V RMS.

What kind of current adjustment modes does the Fluke 787B ProcessMeter offer?

The Fluke 787B ProcessMeter offers manual (coarse, fine, 25% and 100% step) and automatic (slow ramp, fast ramp, 25% step) current adjustment modes.


In Conclusion, the Fluke 787 is a great tool with many features, but if you are looking for a more comprehensive solution with advanced functions and capabilities, the 787B is the better choice. The Fluke 787B has more features than its predecessor so it can be used in more demanding applications. It is also packed with user-friendly design elements and options to make your job easier. Both meters offer excellent accuracy and reliability when measuring voltage, current resistance and other electrical readings. Both models are suitable for various industrial applications with their long battery life.

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