KAIWEETS KM601/KM601S Smart Multimeter Review

Are you looking for a reliable and accurate digital multimeter with versatile measurement functions? Introducing the KAIWEETS KM601/KM601S Smart Digital Multimeter, a professional-level tool designed to help electricians improve their craft. With its high-quality construction and ergonomic design, this is one multimeter that can handle tough jobs with ease. Read on to find out why the KM601/KM601S is such a great addition to any electrical toolbox!

Kaiweets KM601/KM601s Review

The KAIWEETS KM601/KM601S Smart Digital Multimeter is a versatile and reliable tool designed to meet a wide range of electrical testing and measurement needs. Its standout feature, Smart Mode, takes the guesswork out of measurements by automatically identifying voltage, resistance, or continuity and selecting the ideal range with optimal resolution. This intuitive functionality makes it an excellent choice for both newcomers and experienced users, streamlining the testing process and ensuring accurate results.

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The multimeter’s user experience is further enhanced by its large LCD colour screen, which ensures easy readability even in various lighting conditions. The inclusion of a built-in flashlight adds practicality, making it suitable for both well-lit and dimly-lit environments. Additionally, the display provides valuable real-time information, including an analog bar, temperature readings, low battery warnings, and damaged fuse notifications, enhancing overall usability. With its comprehensive range of measurement capabilities, from AC/DC voltage to capacitance and live wire detection, the KM601 multimeter proves its versatility, making it an indispensable tool for professionals such as electricians and a valuable asset for DIY enthusiasts.

Key Features For KM601:

Smart Mode:

Defaults to Smart Mode, which can automatically test voltage, resistance, and continuity. It selects the best resolution range without manual input.

Upgraded Display:

Large LCD colour screen for easy reading, even in varying lighting conditions. Includes a flashlight. Displays an analog bar, real-time temperature, low battery warning, and damaged fuse notification.

Multiple Functions:

Measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current (up to 10A), continuity, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, resistance, diode, temperature, NCV (Non-Contact Voltage detection), and live wire.


Certified with CE and RoHS. Complies with IEC61010-1 CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V overvoltage safety standards. Pollution level two. Features a silicone cover for wear and electric shock protection. Equipped with dual ceramic fuses for anti-burn and overload protection.

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Quality Service:

Includes free shipping, a 30-day return policy, 3-year after-sales service, and lifetime technical support.

Key Features For KM601s:

Smart Mode:

Defaults to Smart Mode, automatically measuring voltage, resistance, and continuity with optimal range selection.

Upgraded Version:

Features a rechargeable function with a built-in 1200mAh battery for longer use. There is no need to replace the battery manually. Includes a retractable bracket for convenience.

Wide Application:

Suitable for diagnosing automotive, industrial, and household electrical issues. Measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, AC/DC current, capacitance, frequency, diode, duty cycle, temperature, NCV (Non-Contact Voltage detection), and live wire.


Manufactured to meet IEC rating CAT.III 1000V and CAT.IV 600V standards. Holds CE and RoHS certifications. Equipped with double fuses for anti-burn and overload protection. Features a silicone case for additional drop and electric shock protection.



Certainly, here are the specifications for the KAIWEETS KM601/KM601S Smart Digital Multimeter:

General Specifications:

  • Item Weight: 0.49 KG
  • Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.37 x 2.13 inches
  • Batteries: 6 AAA batteries included
  • Performance Description: 2 colors LCD screen, True RMS
  • Safety Level/Certification: IEC-61010-1 CATⅢ 1000V, CAT IV 600V, double insulation


  • Voltage tester
  • Large range measuring tool
  • Frequency multimeter
  • Diode electronic tester
  • Capacitance digital meter
  • Ohm meter

Upgraded Specifications:

DC Voltage:

99.99mV/999.9mV; 9.999V/99.9V/1000V ±(0.5%+3)

AC Voltage:

99.9mV/999.9mV; 9.999V/99.9V/750V ±(0.8%+3)

DC Current:

9.999mA/99.99mA/999.9mA ±(0.8%+3); 9.99A ±(1.2%+3)

AC Current:

9.999mA/99.99mA/999.9mA ±(1.0%+3); 9.99A ±(1.5%+3)


999.9ohm/9.999k/99.99k/999.9kohm ±(0.8%+3); 9.999m/99.99mOhm ±(1.2%+3)


9.999/99.99/999.9nF/9.999/99.99/999.9uF ±(4.0%+3); 9.999mF/99.99mF ±(5.0%+5)


99.99/999.9/9.999k/99.99k/999.9kHz/9.999mHz ±(1.0%+3)


01.%-99.99% ±(1.0%+2)

These specifications provide detailed information about the measurement ranges and accuracy of the KAIWEETS KM601/KM601S Smart Digital Multimeter. It offers a wide range of functions and is suitable for various electrical testing and measurement tasks.

What’s inside the box?

Inside the box of the KAIWEETS KM601 multimeter, you will find:

  • Kaiweets KM601 Multimeter
  • Protective Cover
  • Storage Box
  • Test Leads
  • Thermocouple
  • Six AAA Batteries (two sets)
  • Manual

These components are included to ensure you have everything you need to use and protect your multimeter effectively.

Design and Build Quality

The Kaiweets KM601 digital multimeter stands out for its design and build quality. It has a traditional appearance, similar to older multimeters, with a compact and lightweight rectangular plastic case measuring about 6.5 x 4.37 x 2.13 inches and weighing only 1.1 pounds. It makes it easy to carry around, making it convenient for users who are always on the move.

Instead of the typical rotary knob, it features a red Auto/Func button that smoothly switches between Auto and manual modes. There are also four additional buttons on the sides. The RANGE button is used exclusively in Manual Mode for mA, voltage, and resistance tests. The SEL button lets you switch between DC and AC readings as a backup in case the Auto mode encounters any rare issues. The REL/HOLD button helps identify differences in voltage, mA, or resistance readings, and holding it for a few seconds clears stored data.

One unique feature is the presence of four LEDs under the buttons. These LEDs act as guides for probe placement, making it easier to take specific measurements in manual Mode. It is especially helpful for non-professional users who might find it confusing to determine which of the four identical ports at the bottom of the device to use. Although some users have noted that the bottom jacks can be inconvenient for certain tests, it’s important to mention that the first jack is designed for the 10A range, suitable for currents over 200mA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Smart Mode, and how does it work?

Smart Mode is a notable feature that simplifies measurements. In this Mode, the multimeter autonomously detects the type of measurement required (voltage, resistance, or continuity) and automatically selects the most appropriate measurement range with optimal resolution. This eliminates the need for manual range adjustments, streamlining and expediting the measurement process.

Can I use the multimeter to test both AC and DC voltage and current?

Yes, both the KM601 and KM601S are versatile and capable of accurately measuring both AC and DC voltage and current. This versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of electrical testing tasks.

Is this multimeter suitable for household electrical troubleshooting?

Absolutely. The KM601/KM601S is well-suited for diagnosing and troubleshooting household electrical issues. It can be used to test outlets, circuits, and various electrical components and even detect live wires and non-contact voltage, enhancing safety during home electrical work.

What safety certifications does the multimeter have?

The multimeter holds important safety certifications, including CE and RoHS. It adheres to rigorous safety standards such as IEC-61010-1 CATⅢ 1000V and CAT IV 600V, ensuring secure usage in diverse electrical environments.

Does the multimeter have an automatic power-off feature?

Yes, there is an Automatic Power Off (APO) feature, which can be enabled. When activated, the multimeter will automatically power off if it remains unused for a predetermined duration, typically around 15 minutes. This feature helps conserve battery life.

Final Note:

Finally, the KAIWEETS KM601/KM601S Smart Digital Multimeter is the ultimate tool for all your electrical testing and measurement requirements. It seamlessly blends convenience, precision, and top-notch quality, making it an indispensable companion for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you’re delving into automotive diagnostics, resolving household electrical issues, or tackling complex industrial projects, rest assured that the KM601/KM601S has got you covered. This multimeter is a valuable asset that deserves a place in every electrical toolbox, ensuring you can handle electrical tasks with confidence and ease.

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